The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan

Find Freedom from Overeating & Dieting

210 pages with audio.

Available in paperback, audiobook, & Kindle.

If you binge eat, continually overeat, turn to food for comfort or graze incessantly throughout the day, then this book is for you. The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan will effectively and compassionately guide you through a program of detoxing from the eating behaviour which is causing you so much distress. 

In this 10-day program you will learn how to:

  • Detox from binge eating the foods that are most problematic for you.
  • Detox from the poison of the diet culture
  • Detox from any negativity you may feel about your body.

On the other side of the 10 days, a new world of grace and ease awaits you, where you will be at peace with food and your body.

So far, so good, you might be thinking – but what do I have to do? Is this going to be too difficult?

The great news is that all you have to do is read the daily chapters, listen to the hypnotherapy audio that readers can download free, and apply the concepts to your day. That’s all. You do not need to rush out to buy any special equipment or gadgets. You already possess the most powerful tool – your mind.

What’s more, you don’t have to make huge sacrifices. This book is about detoxing from binge eating, not about living on green juices or never drinking coffee. You can even have a glass of wine if you want. And it’s certainly not about dieting, because if you need to lose weight, you will as a natural result of reading this book.

More about "The 10-Day Binge Eating Detox Plan."

Two writers collaborated on this book. I am Antonia Ryan. I graduated from Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and have post-graduate qualifications in psychology and teaching. I have worked for 30 years in social services and education in England, the USA and Portugal. During my time as a social work professional, I counselled clients in clinical settings for eating disorders. I am passionate about healthy diet and nutrition. I am an accredited weight management counsellor and author of the book ‘Mindfulness for Binge Eating’.

My co-author is bestselling self-development writer Lewis David. Before becoming an author, Lewis was a leading therapist and trainer in the field of compulsive behaviours. It was during this time he developed a unique therapeutic training program. He delivered this face-to-face to groups of clients in outpatient treatment, using a 10-session plan. The clients had mostly been referred by their doctors and the program was evidence-based to government clinical practice standards. It proved to be astonishingly effective and worked for a variety of behavioural problems.

After becoming a writer with a worldwide audience, he decided to see if his 10-day program would work as a self-help guide in print. He wrote a book aimed at people who wanted to take a break from drinking. The result was the ‘10-Day Alcohol Detox Plan’, which was an immediate success, and has been an Amazon bestseller in its category since its launch. Reader feedback was amazing. People had never experienced a program like it before. It profoundly changed lives. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can go on to Amazon and read the reviews for yourself.

One question remained, however. Would the program work as a home-study book for other issues? So he applied the program to people suffering from stress and anxiety and wrote the ‘10-Day Anxiety Detox Plan’. Although the readers were different, the feedback was enthusiastically the same. Readers had never experienced such an approach before, and lives were changed for the better.

Our research has shown that the 10-day program also works brilliantly for eating disorders, so we have used this proven format as the framework for this book.

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