The Alcohol-Free Woman

A Powerful 9-Point Plan for Quitting Drinking

By Antonia Ryan

272 pages.

Available in paperback, audiobook & Kindle.

‘’Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.”  -- The Alcohol-Free Woman.

Alcohol dominated my early life. Then in my late twenties, I broke free from the fantasy of freedom that alcohol seemed to offer.

That was 25 years ago.

Since then I have enjoyed a full and vibrant alcohol-free life.

You can too.

Over the years I have worked closely with countless women who have become alcohol-free, and I am the lead presenter of the popular podcast The Alcohol Recovery Show.

From a mix of personal experience and professional training, I have devised a 9-point plan to help women drinkers. This plan is the basis of this book.

If you feel bewildered and trapped by your compulsion to drink, The Alcohol-Free Woman will reveal why. Then the 9-point plan will give you a solid, practical route to achieve freedom from any form of alcohol dependence.

I am a qualified social worker and teacher. I am a mother and wife. I have overcome many issues that commonly face modern women, such as anxiety, self-doubt, and low self-esteem. And all without alcohol.

If you are ready to enjoy life and find freedom from alcohol, you just need to follow this easy plan. Why wait? 

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Reaction to "The Alcohol-Free Woman".

“I found the plan to be really easy to follow. It is clear and practical but manages to get to the heart
of many deep issues without feeling heavy. A book to keep and return to when I need guidance and
-- Penny, UK

“The book is written in an entertaining style and kept me hooked right to the end. It actually felt like
a fun read and helped me shake off the embarrassment I felt about my drinking.”
-- Maria, Spain

“Written in a very comforting and reassuring style. Antonia understands what it’s like to feel
overwhelmed and exhausted as a wife, mother, and worker. I totally related to the women’s stories.
This book has helped me move forward as an alcohol-free woman. “
-- Lily-Anne, Oregon, USA

“My head was all over the place when I started reading this book. But it is written in a very direct way
with lots of memory aids to help me remember the points of the plan. As my thinking was so
scrambled, this approach helped me bring to mind some brilliant tips to beat my battle with the
-- Marisa, Vancouver, Canada