About the Author

I am a therapist, specializing in behavioural and emotional issues. I was trained and worked in the public health system and private practice in England.

Based on the outpatient unit of a hospital, I ran group therapy sessions, one-to-one support and carried out clinical assessments and treatment planning.

My focus now is writing on health and wellbeing. I'm developing WinsPress.com with Antonia Ryan, a social work and teaching professional from Ireland. We offer a range of books on wellness matters.

Our original concept was to offer local counselling through a service called Westcountry Inspirations (or "Wins" for short). But when my first book, Alcohol and You, became an Amazon bestseller, we realised we could help people worldwide through print and audio, and so WinsPress was born.

The photo shows me at the WinsPress retreat in Portugal.

Lewis David.